Our experience in trailer design began in 1973, when we produced the first Titan grain hopper trailer for the local farming community. Since then, Titan has custom-built all kinds of trailers to haul virtually any payload in North America and Europe.

Since 1996, Titan THINWALL™ trailers are moving some of the most unique and demanding payloads across the toughest roads on the globe. We are proud to have Titan trailers of every shape and type working hard for our customers across North America and around the world.

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44'6 3-Axle THINWALL Moving Floor
MJO Haulage Ltd.


48' 3-Axle THINWALL Moving Floor
Terry Devos


48' 5-Axle THINWALL Moving Floor
GroBark Ltd.


48' 6-Axle THINWALL Moving Floor
Preferred Transport


53' 4-Axle (Superquad) Moving Floor
Ontario Disposal


48' Tandem THINWALL Moving Floor Wedge
Hagen Trucking


53' Tri-Axle THINWALL Moving Floor
Valley Pulp & Sawdust
Carriers Ltd.


42' Tandem Steel Moving Floor
Mirror Transport


62'8" Walk-Thru™ B-Train THINWALL™ Moving Floor


48' Tandem Aluminum THINWALL™ Moving Floor
Ken's Truck Repair



48' Tandem THINWALL V-Floor Wedge
American Waste


48' 6-Axle THINWALL V-Floor Wedge


48' 5-Axle Shortside V-Floor™ THINWALL™
Demonstration Trailer


48' Tandem Aluminum THINWALL™ V-Floor™
Ken's Truck Repair



45' 4-Axle THINWALL Semi-dump
Mitchell Transport


36' 3-Axle Tub Dump
Bre-Haul Trucking


39' 3-Axle Steel Body End-Dump Trailer
Alexander Trucking Ltd.



48' Tandem THINWALL Tipper
Ken's Truck Repair


48' Tandem V4 THINWALL Tipper


48' Tandem THINWALL V3 Tipper
R & J Trucking


53' Tandem V5 THINWALL Tipper


50' 6-Axle THINWALL Tipper
E.H. Tulgestka & Sons


"Rocky Mountain Double" THINWALL™ A-Train Tipper


53' 4-axle THINWALL Possum Belly
Nor-Jean Transport



48' 6-Axle THINWALL Hopper
BDL Trucking


30' + 31' B-Train THINWALL Hopper


44' 4-Axle Hopper
Zilke Farms



48' 5-Axle Flatbed
K&D Transport Ltd.



34' 4-Axle Lugger
Woznuk Bros Ltd


41' 5-Axle Lugger
Triple M Metal


53' 3-Axle Tin Scow
Triple M Metal


Container Roll-Off
Triple M Metal



44'6" 3-Axle THINWALL Moving Floor
MJO Haulage Ltd.


44'6' 3-Axle Moving Floor


44'6" 3-Axle V-Floor™
Ward Recycling


44'6' 3-Axle Moving Floor
Demonstration Trailer


44'6" 3-Axle V-Floor™
Fred Sherwood



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